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Mark Dennis is a very experienced photographer that has been working in a professional capacity for the last 28 years. We recently asked him to give us an insight into his career in photography and how his interest in Wildlife has grown over this time.

“Ever since catching my first Stickleback when I was six years old I new I was ‘hooked’ on wildlife. Subsequent family holidays to Greece found my brother and I spending hours carefully searching under rocks and trampling through woodland looking for all creatures great & small. We tended to specialise in reptiles and often returned back to our hotel room with snakes and lizards we had caught throughout the day. Unfortunately the hotel maids did not share our passion for these beautiful animals and they used to lock us out on the balcony along with our newly acquired zoo whenever they had to clean our room.

That passion for wildlife has stayed with me & I still have a snake now along with various other animals. As I grew up I started to photograph the wildlife that I found around me & I rapidly realised that photography was the business I wished to be in. Whilst keeping up with my interest in wildlife I also undertook commercial and advertising photography which proved lucrative. Here I am aged 24 with my first Billboard all done with film no less! Rubbish isn’t it? Boy have things changed.

In 2007 my family and I moved from the South East of the UK to beautiful Somerset. Here I set up a schools photography business which is still running today. I also undertook teaching for a while and taught GCSE and A level photography to students with Aspergers Syndrome. In all this time I managed to take shots of the local flora and fauna but it was never enough. Well, I now have the time I wished for. 

From here on in I will be spending rather a lot of this time sitting, crawling, climbing, getting wet, getting hot, lying in mud, being bitten by bugs, getting blisters, getting back ache, getting colds, carrying heavy equipment, getting frustrated, losing patience and….”

That is when our recording device ran out of power but he did seem very knowledgeable & extremely keen on wildlife.

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